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Article Hero Image Hot takes on social media about Apple’s iPhone 15 overheating problem are starting to point fingers at Instagram for causing the issue. The launch of the iPhone 15 range has been marred by claims the smartphone is overheating when under load, such as at times it is recharging or being used for

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AI (a.k.a. Artificial intelligence) is everywhere. It powers virtual assistants (like Siri and Alexa), helps tailor online shopping experiences to suit your unique style and even enables your bank to catch and prevent potential fraudsters from accessing your accounts.  The world of social media marketing is no different. AI tools on social media allow business

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YouTube has announced some new analytics updates, including insight into why subscribers cancel their channel subscription, which could assist in your future planning. In addition to this, YouTube’s also providing more specific insight into how new and returning viewers engage with your content in isolation, another helpful driver for your planning. First off, on new

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Meta has published a new report which looks at the key consumption shifts that brands need to consider in their marketing outreach, which highlights some important notes for all businesses to factor in. The research, conducted by Meta, in partnership with Kantar and Nielsen, is focused on opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market, though many of