Apart from a few short periods in which she deleted her Instagram account, Britney Spears has used social media very regularly since the end of her conservatorship. That newfound openness has allowed her to connect with fans in a more personalized way, and it’s also given a lot of insight into where her head is at on a lot of issues. But that doesn’t mean everything she posts is a clear lens into her perspective. In fact, like a lot of celebrities on social media, The Princess Of Pop is sometimes a bit cryptic in what she shares, and this weekend has been a great reminder of that. Spears has dropped 13 Instagram posts over the last two days. It’s been a frenzy of activity that has included dance videos, throwback fashion shots, artwork, quotes and even pictures from The Vatican. But there hasn’t been a whole lot to help clarify exactly why she posted most of the things she did. Of the 13 posts, 7 of them either didn’t have a caption or were captioned only with emojis. Of the remaining 6, most only offered a brief description of what was in the picture, which left fans with two posts that had a little more to them. Neither was particularly clear, however.