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Adviser: Get ready to rethink your social media strategy

Are you caught up in the social media frenzy?There’s pressure for businesses to post regularly on LinkedIn and other social media sites. You’re coached about the importance of maintaining awareness among customers and prospects, and building community, and social media can be a great solution.However, there’s no cruise control when it comes to social media.The

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Stop Blaming Meta When Your Ads Aren’t Working

We’ve all heard it: “Facebook ads don’t work.” Well, no. Facebook ads don’t work for you. The way that you’re using them. But they can work. Far too often, we blame the platform or algorithm or other mysterious things that we don’t understand to explain why we’re not getting better results. But if we change

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The Number One Skill of a Meta Advertiser

I’ve seen it again and again. Those who are most successful with Meta ads have an underlying curiosity that others don’t. They align their goals with a basic understanding of how things work. Most importantly, they experiment. You can’t be intimidated by the platform. Those who are will lack the confidence to try something different

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Why Are Meta Ad Prices Dropping?

Meta released their 1Q quarterly earnings for 2023, and it’s mostly positive. But, there’s something that jumps out that needs an explanation: Why are Meta ad prices dropping? In the chart above, you’ll notice that Meta’s average ad price has dropped year-over-year for five consecutive quarters, dropping 17% in the first quarter of 2023. Why

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Big Change to Meta Ads Location Targeting

Well, this was a bit of a surprise. Meta made an unannounced and rather drastic update to location targeting. Let’s review how things were before, how things are now, and how this impacts advertising. How Things Were Before It’s possible you still have this. If not, this was how location targeting worked in the “good

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Meta Fixes Video Views Custom Audience Bug

I have good news. It appears that Meta has finally fixed a Video Views Custom AudienceYou can create an audience of people who viewed your video on Facebook or Instagram and target or exclude this audience in ads. More bug related to Facebook Reels engagement. Not excited? I am. I’ve been checking every day for

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How Short-Form Video Impacts Presence on 5 Platforms

I’ve consistently published short-form videos to TikTok, Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and LinkedIn for most of the past six months and change. What was the impact on my presence (impressions, engagement, and followers) in each case? Lots of context is necessary. First, I’ll explain the nature of my strategy. Then, we’ll go platform

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Slow Burn: A Strategy for Scaling Facebook Ads

One of the most common questions I get is related to scaling Facebook ads: Once you get good results, how do you increase your budgetA budget is an amount you’re willing to spend on your Facebook campaigns or ad sets on a daily or lifetime basis. More while continuing to get those good results? If