ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a strategic union set to redefine social media marketing, Delaina Baker, recognized as Orlando’s leading social media maestro, has partnered with the visionary behind Moxie Brands, Angela Robbins. Together, they introduce “Shot of Moxie,” a pioneering social media marketing agency built on the foundation of cutting-edge content creation and strategic partnership opportunities for service-based companies and non-profit organizations.

Shot of Moxie, Content That Makes An Impression

Shot of Moxie, Content That Makes An Impression

Following a serendipitous introduction through mutual friends, Baker and Robbins realized a shared passion for assisting businesses with brand building and exponential growth. Combining their unique strengths, they crafted a plan to address a glaring gap in the market: a need for a one-stop-shop where companies can receive high-quality photography and video storytelling while integrating targeted social media strategies that include collaboration opportunities.  Shot of Moxie’s unprecedented business mission is to elevate the experts and remind company founders and non-profit leaders they don’t have to be influencers to have an effective social media strategy.

Angela Robbins shared the strategy behind Shot of Moxie.  “While large companies implement marketing strategies steered by Chief Marketing Officers, smaller ones are sometimes caught in a series of random acts of marketing. At Moxie Brands, it’s been my passion to help companies stop doing random acts of marketing and get clear on a sales and marketing strategy that drives revenue, but there has been a void in our services for the small business sector and I have such a heart for Orlando and our ever-growing business community.  Many businesses gain the most traction through strategic partnerships. What’s often overlooked by social media agencies is the power of helping companies align with non-competing companies that share similar goals; coming up with ways they can work together to earn more money and more market share, cross marketing for greater impact. There’s a new generation of business owners and they all share the same growth challenges. Embracing social media to control the conversation with their target audience is something they all know is crucial, but they feel caught up in the chaos of it all. When I met Delaina Baker, I knew I had found the right partner to turn an idea and vision for Shot of Moxie and turn it into a company that could really help the Orlando business community.”

Delaina Baker shared, “It became immediately clear during our first discussion that Angela and I were both driven by a common goal. With ‘Shot of Moxie,’ we’re targeting the heart of the issue – ensuring businesses have top-tier content and the expert strategies to curate images, videos and words to drive meaningful conversations online. It’s not just about being visible; it’s about the revenue conversion. We believe that content, no matter how captivating, needs to be tailored to align with a company’s business objectives, turning engagement into tangible results.”

Businesses across Orlando and beyond can anticipate a holistic approach to their marketing needs, with Shot of Moxie promising a blend of impactful content and expertly crafted social media strategies tailored to each brand’s unique objectives. To celebrate with a launch party, and provide guests an opportunity to experience their combined expertise first hand, a unique media party will be held on October 3, 2023 at Hi Hello Labs in Downtown Orlando. It promises to be an event that showcases the essence of collaboration and will include business owners and community leaders.

For more information or press inquiries, please contact:
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Angela has a robust history of supercharging companies and building powerful sales and marketing organizations. She launched True Moxie Studios 15 years ago as a boutique creative agency and photography studio that evolved into Moxie Brands, a consulting firm specializing in brand management and fractional sales and marketing leadership. She is known for her brand clarity workshops, company rebrands, turnaround projects, and helping companies launch new products and expand market segments. She often leads enlightening sessions on the connection between brand clarity and building successful sales organizations and is frequently in demand for podcast appearances, business conferences and speaking at company sales summits.


Delaina is a professional copywriter turned social media expert with over a decade of experience in social media marketing for companies and nonprofits. She’s the creator of the business course Social Media Study Hall and is frequently asked to teach audiences of business professionals about realistic and applicable social media strategies.



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