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Recently, Elle Fanning lost out on the lead role of a big franchise movie due to her lack of Instagram followers. This has sparked a debate among Hollywood producers and actors on whether an Instagram following should play a role in casting.

According to reports, Fanning was up for the lead female role in an upcoming franchise movie, but was passed up for someone with more Instagram followers. Other fans have suggested that Fanning’s young age may have been a contributing factor in the casting decision.

The news has prompted a heavy discussion among both actors and producers, with many expressing outrage over the decision. Many Hollywood stars feel that casting decisions should be based on talent, not popularity. Some have argued that casting decisions should be made solely on the basis of talent, while others feel that social media followers are a valid indicator of an actor’s popularity.

Regardless of what side of the argument you are on, one thing is certain: social media has become an important part of the casting process in Hollywood. Producers and executives are increasingly factoring in an actor’s online following when making decisions. The decision to pass up Elle Fanning for a big franchise movie is a reminder to actors of all ages that having an active presence on social media can be key to success.