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Meta targeted for fresh UK gov’t warning against E2E encryption for Messenger, Instagram

Buckle up for another encryption fight: Hot on the heels of securing parliament’s approval for its Online Safety Bill yesterday, the U.K. government is amping up pressure on Meta not to roll out end-to-end-encryption (E2EE) on Facebook Messenger and Instagram — unless it applies unspecified “safety measures” which the Home Secretary said should allow law

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New York’s top 10 Instagram influencers revealed

Being home to high-profile events like New York Fashion Week and the US Open and to some of the world’s best hotels and trendiest restaurants — it’s no wonder NY is also the hub for some of the country’s top influencers. New York took third place in the new nationwide ranking of US states with

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Mastering Social Media Marketing Workshops

In today’s digital landscape, social media is the key to unlocking your brand’s potential. Join Paris Nash as she breaks down social media marketing and leveraging multiple platforms to drive your business forward. There are two opportunities to take this workshop.  Upcoming Events:  Both classes take place at Central Library (201 W Mifflin St) in

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Snapchat’s Working on a New System That Would be Able to Provide a Valuation for Collectibles In-Stream

Everybody loves to watch the guys from “Pawn Stars” lowball some desperate chump into giving up his family heirloom for a quick buck. And now, it looks like Snapchat might be looking to move into a similar area, with a new patent filing showing that Snap’s developed an “image based valuation system” which would enable users