Are you using generative AI tools in your digital marketing process?

The latest wave of AI apps have provided a window into a world of new possibilities, though when you actually get down to it, their capacity, at least at this stage, is somewhat limited, in terms of quality, consistency, etc.

But there are ways that you can make generative AI tools work more specifically for your needs, and they can be valuable complementary resources for a wide range of tasks.

And they’re only going to improve, which is why you probably should be using them, if you can, to get a better understanding of their potential, and limitations, in various contexts.

And according to new research from LocaliQ, many marketers are doing just that. The below infographic highlights a range of stats on generative AI use, including how many businesses are using them, what they’re using AI for, etc.

It could change your thinking on generative AI processes.

AI in marketing infographic