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On June 26, 2020, Twitter announced that Jack Dorsey, its founder and current CEO, will be stepping down to focus on other business ventures. The company is now searching for a new CEO, who will be tasked with transforming the social media giant into a viable business, while still preserving its core values and mission. In this article, we’ll look at how Twitter could change under a new CEO and the potential impact this might have on its user base.

The first potential change could be the introduction of a new revenue model. The way Twitter currently makes money is by selling ads and providing data services to other companies. However, a new CEO may want to explore other sources of revenue. This could include offering subscription services, charging for premium features, or offering sponsored content. Such changes could mean more money for Twitter and a better experience for its users.

Another potential change could involve the way users use the platform. A new CEO may look to optimize the user experience by making the platform more intuitive, allowing users to tailor their experience. This could involve making conversations easier to follow and content easier to access. Furthermore, a new CEO may look to streamline the content moderation process to better curate the platform.

The final potential change could involve the way Twitter handles user data. This would include introducing more robust privacy policies to ensure user data remains secure, making it easier for users to view and control their personal data, and introducing new measures to combat fake news.

No matter who takes over as CEO of Twitter, it is likely that changes will occur. How drastic these changes are, however, remains to be seen. The new CEO must be mindful of making changes that maintain Twitter’s core values and competitive advantages, while also making the platform more profitable and user-friendly.