This seems like a minor update in the face of Instagram’s much bigger new product launch. But it’s a potentially handy one either way, with Instagram adding the capacity for users to now include up to three collaborators on any feed post or Reel.

Instagram first launched Collaborative Posts back in 2021, which gives users the capacity to share credit for a single post with another account.

Instagram Collaborative posts

Up till now, that’s been limited to a single collaborative account, but now, you’ll be able to include more partners on a single post/Reel, with all contributors able to access organic insights, including view counts, like counts, etc.

Which will provide more ways for users to engage with each other in-stream – though it’s important to note that paid partnerships need to use the Paid Partnership Label process, as opposed to this type of tagging, which is especially important considering evolving laws around influencer marketing disclosure.

But for regular users, it could add more ways to tag and boost their friends in the app, exposing other accounts for their audience to follow.

Instagram’s been looking to add more collaborative tools over the past year, including Collaborative Collections in DMs.

Instagram collaborative collection

Enhancing engagement is another means to make the platform more sticky, by getting people to interact more, which helps to boost community networks in the app.

And while it can’t be used for paid promotion, it could be another way to showcase artwork or projects being undertaken by friends, which could, theoretically, still include their professional work, even if not via a business or creator account.

Not sure what the disclosure regulations are around this type of cross-promotion (note: this is not legal advice), but it could be another consideration within the bounds of personal sharing.