Photo:  Justin Ford (Getty Images)

Photo: Justin Ford (Getty Images)

Ja Morant has not been unable to evade controversy for the last few months, mostly because of his own doing.

In March, he was suspended for eight games after he was seen brandishing a gun on Instagram Live in a Denver area nightclub. Just last week, he was seen on his friend’s Instagram Live holding a gun again, although just for a quick second.

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This has led to a variety of conversations in NBA media about the future of Morant and the possible suspension he could face.

But on Tuesday, the two-time All-Star posted a vague and mysterious message on social media that has fans of the superstar worried about his current state. The now-deleted posts on his Instragam story were tributes to his mother, father, and daughter. The posts read, “Love ya ma,” “Love ya pops,” and “You da greatest baby girl love ya.”

The final post read, “Bye.”

That’s all. There was no clarification if this was a “goodbye” to social media or the NBA as he awaits his severe punishment from the league office.

But, since the posts have been taken down, a spokesperson for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said officers did a welfare check for Morant by going to his home in Memphis, according to TMZ.

Thankfully, the NBA star clarified that he’s just taking a break from social media, nothing more serious than that.

Which I think will serve him much better than any counseling could. These gun “incidents” have been the result of Morant simply showing off for social media. If he simply danced to music in his home without the cameras on, there would be no controversy whatsoever.

While his upcoming suspension has not been released by the NBA officially, Commissioner Adam Silver said in an interview with ESPN that he was “shocked” when he saw the clip of Morant holding a gun again and that he is “assuming the worst” when it comes to the consequences the high-flying guard could face.

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