If there’s one thing Swifties are gonna do, it’s trade friendship bracelets. If there’s a second thing they’re gonna do, it’s overanalyze anything and everything posted by Joe Alwyn, Karlie Kloss…basically anyone Taylor has ever made eye contact with. So, naturally, when Swift’s ex Alwyn, whom she was with for six years, returned to Instagram for the first time since their split, they went looking for clues in his pics. And to be honest, I don’t know what to make of it!

Let’s start with the facts. Joe Alwyn, an actor, has always been pretty cagey about discussing his private life and isn’t too active on social media. He uses Instagram mostly to promote his acting projects, but he knows Swifties are following and, during their relationship, would occasionally drop them a crumb. One time he put a picture of her cat on Stories, and we all know who took the various Polaroids on his grid. He’s also smart enough to keep comments turned off.

Until today, his last grid post was in May of 2022, about a year before he and Swift broke up. Then, on September 5, 2023, he dropped 10 slides with the caption of a camera emoji and an ocean-wave emoji, which I think is hieroglyphics for “summer pictures.” No one is tagged in any of the slides.

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Are there any Taylor Swift references in the pictures? Depends whomst you ask. If you ask this girl, yes, a million.

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She is correct that Bon Iver, the singer featured in a clip Alwyn uploaded, is a collaborator of Swift’s, and she’s probably how they met. But as for the leaves being related to the Evermore track “Ivy,” well, as one comment points out…that’s a fig tree. Maybe the most convincing (?) piece of evidence (??) is a picture of a little boy we assume is young Alwyn with a bow and suction arrow. Swift has a song about difficult relationships called “The Archer.” But even if it is a reference, it doesn’t add up to much? Good he’s getting out and about!

And I’ll save you a click: He still follows her.