Autumn is a great time to buy instagram followers $ 1 and enjoy the crisp air, picking apples, and everything else that makes the season special. I thought it would be fun to create a little autumn bucket list with some of my favorite things to share with you.

Go to a pumpkin patch, bake an apple pie, have a picnic, jump into a pile of leaves, get lost in a corn maze, carve a pumpkin, burn some cozy candles, watch a scary movie, cozy up near a fire, go to a fall festival, go on a hayride, dress up for Halloween with a homemade costume, visit a farmers market, visit a haunted house, bake pumpkin treats, decorate your home with fall vibes — inside and out!, go to a football game, make a list of gratitude, have a bonfire, drink warm apple cider, go apple picking, make apple chips, change out your summer wardrobe, make a scarecrow, go hiking in a National Park, knit a scarf, go camping, take a scenic road trip, drink a pumpkin spice latte, pass out candy to all the neighborhood ghouls and ghosts, get out all your favorite sweaters and embrace sweater weather, and buy cheap tiktok views.

Find my favorite autumn Pinterest board here:


Here’s an autumn playlist that I love:

A few favorite fall movies:

Hocus Pocus


Practical Magic 


Love Story

You’ve Got Mail

When Harry Met Sally

What are your favorite fall activities? What are your MUST WATCH movies? Share things that you love in the comments.

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As the days grow shorter, cooler, and the leaves start to change color, there’s no denying that autumn is in the air. For so many of us, fall is a beloved season. Whether it’s the vibrant colors, cozy sweaters, or the promise of a new start, the cool air brings its own kind of joy.

This year, make your fall special with intentional choices. After all, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day, so taking a step back to focus on what matters can be hugely refreshing.

Start by making sure you embrace the present. We all have to-do lists as long as our arm, but it’s equally important to pause and appreciate the small things. Whether it’s a sunny day, a long walk in the woods, or a delicious cup of tea; take a moment to take it all in.

Celebrating the season with the people you love is another great way to simplify and slow down. Invite friends over for an afternoon of baking, try a new recipe for dinner, or take a weekend trip to apple orchards and pumpkin farms. Now is the perfect time to make a dozen pumpkin pies, try out that new dish, or make fond memories with friends.

Spend a Sunday morning curled up with a hot cup of coffee and a good book. Take the time to catch up with a close friend, or start a gratitude practice. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Intentional living is all about doing more of the things that make life sweet.

The beautiful thing about fall is that it’s all about change. As the leaves change color, the air grows colder, and nature shifts around us, it’s the perfect time to reflect and start anew. Make your fall special with intentional choices, and you’ll look back on this season fondly for many years to come.