Are you looking to buy Instagram followers $1? Meta is looking to better align itself with the generative AI shift, and is building a range of new ad tools that will help to refine its AI options, including new, built-in generation tools for ad creative.

Meta has today outlined its new AI Sandbox project, which it’s currently testing with a small group of advertisers, and includes a range of new options for building better ad campaigns. One of these options is Text Variation, which will use AI to generate multiple variations of ad text, giving marketers more options to choose from to maximize performance.

Background Generation will create backgrounds for product images from text inputs, similar to the same option in DALL·E. Image Outcropping will adjust your visuals to fit different aspect ratios across multiple surfaces, like Stories or Reels.

Meta AI ad tools

The tools could be very helpful in putting together multiple creative elements, which, when paired with Meta’s Advantage+ targeting, could give Meta’s ad systems more creative options to then show to each user, which could help to improve ad performance.

Meta is also incorporating some new targeting options into its Advantage+ campaigns, which will provide more ways to reach your ideal target audience. Meta’s also adding a new Performance Comparisons report, to provide more insight into manual vs Advantage+ campaign performance, while it’s also adding new manual inputs into Advantage+ targeting, giving advertisers more ways to guide the system in reaching the right audience.

Advantage+ campaigns have been producing solid results for performance marketers, with many now putting more reliance on Meta’s systems to help them maximize their reach and resonance across its apps. That’s been especially beneficial in the wake of Apple’s iOS 14 update, which has seen many users opt out of data tracking in Meta’s apps.

Meta’s certainly working to keep up with the generative AI shift, with OpenAI essentially pushing the envelope by launching tools like ChatGPT and DALL·E, and forcing the hands of the tech giants, who’ve been developing similar AI initiatives for years.

Both Meta and Google have been hesitant to go public with their AI tools, but now, they pretty much have to, and these new options will provide significantly enhanced capacity in Meta’s ad tools, and could end up being hugely valuable in your process.

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Meta’s currently testing its AI Sandbox with a small group of advertisers, with expanded availability coming later this year. The updates to Advantage+ will be rolling out in Ads Manager from this week.

Today, Meta, a leading provider of AI-powered creative solutions for digital advertising, announced the launch of an exclusive program to test its generative artificial intelligence (AI) elements for Facebook and Instagram ads. With this program, Meta aims to give marketers an unprecedented level of detail to create powerful, effective visual messages for their campaigns.

Meta’s AI elements utilize generative design algorithms that learn from existing visual trends and create fresh visuals for brands. This allows brands to use data-driven insights to create compelling visuals that generate better customer engagement. The generative AI elements also allow brands to use creative elements that can be used across a variety of platforms, such as images, videos and animations.

The program will allow brands to interact and experiment with Meta’s AI elements to create highly original visuals for their campaigns. Brands will be able to select from a library of pre-defined templates that can be adapted to their brand’s specific goals. This will allow them to create visuals tailored to the specific channel and user demographic they are targeting.

The program also includes a unique testing system, allowing brands to A/B test their visuals against competitor ads and other campaigns to determine which works best. This ensures that brands have maximum control over their campaigns and are able to get the most out of their visual communications.

Meta’s exclusive program is designed to give brands the ability to create highly effective visuals for their campaigns, giving them an edge in the highly competitive digital advertising market. With its library of customizable templates and the A/B testing system, marketers can now create visuals that are tailored to the channel and specific user demographic they are targeting. The rolling out of this program marks an important milestone in the evolution of digital advertising.