Meta’s announced some new Reels ad options to help more businesses tap into the popularity of the format, while it’s also testing new third-party verification elements to reassure brand partners.

First off, Meta’s expanding its Reels advertising options, with more brands now able to access the option.

Meta Ads on Reels

Meta first launched ads on Reels last yearand it’s gradually expanding the program to more creators and ad formats, providing more ways for marketers to tap into the rising popularity of Reels.

And Reels certainly has become a much bigger focus for Facebook and Instagram users. According to Meta, people now spend more than half of their time on Facebook and Instagram watching video, while people are also re-sharing Reels more than 2 billion times every day, doubling over the last six months.

Meta’s re-alignment of it algorithm around AI-based content recommendations has essentially made short-form video the main focus, as a means to keep users engaged in its apps – which has also seen posts with links get far less exposure.

In other words, if you want to maximize your reach on either app, you should be looking to short-form video – while using Reels as a vehicle for your promotions is also becoming an increasingly valuable consideration.

Meta’s also bringing app promotion ads to Reels, on both Facebook and IG, adding another consideration for Reels promotions.

Meta Ads on Reels

Meta’s also testing music optimization in Facebook Reels, in order to provide more creative and engaging tools for single image Reels ads.

Meta Ads on Reels

As you can see in this example, the process, when selected, will be able to automatically apply free music from Meta’s Sound Collection library to your single image ad.

Single image ads in themselves don’t take advantage of the true engagement value of the format, but Meta’s research shows that adding music can generate more interest.

“We know that Reels ads with both music and voice-over show a +15-point statistically significant higher average positive response score than those without sound and that’s why we want to make it easier to source, select, and add music during the campaign creation process.”

It’s a low fi way to tap into the popularity of Reels, and adding simple music and/or movement can help to increase engagement.

On another front, Meta’s also launched a new test of a brand suitability Inventory Filter to help manage ad placement, while it’s also working with Zefr on new third-party verification solution with select advertisers.

These new options will provide more assurance for brands in Reels ad placement, helping to maximize reach and performance with their chosen audience.

These are some handy additions, which, given the growth of Reels, could be very valuable for brands looking to get the most out of their Facebook and Instagram promotions.

If you haven’t considered Reels ads yet, maybe the above stats will get you thinking, while simple, single image ads could be an easy way to get started on this front.