Are you looking to buy instagram followers $ 1? I have good news. It appears that Meta has finally fixed a Video Views Custom Audience bug related to Facebook Reels engagement.

Not excited? I am. I’ve been checking every day for over a month and a half, waiting for this to be fixed. And I’m already seeing the positive impact of that fix. If you are looking to buy cheap tiktok views, Fstagram is the best place to get it.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened and how I’m using this to my benefit…

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The Bug

When you create a Video Views Custom Audience, one of the steps is to “Choose Videos.”

For example, let’s say that you choose “People who have watched at 95% of your video,” like in the image above. By selecting videos, you will create an audience of people who watched at least 95% of those specific videos.

You can select videos from both your Facebook page and Instagram business profile.

So far, so good.

I have published a Facebook Reel and Instagram Reel every day this year. But starting around March 2, Reels stopped appearing in the list of videos you can select. I could select other videos published to my page or used in ads, but no Reels.

I totally remember this period of time. Everything was buggy with scheduling Reels around then, which is why those “Untitled Videos” were also showing up. And the videos were all showing zero 3-second views, which wasn’t correct.

Anyway, no Facebook Reels showed up for the rest of March and most of April. But Instagram Reels were showing up just fine.