So is a post on Threads called a ‘Thread’ or a ‘post’? And what about re-posts – are they ‘re-threads’?

It’s all a bit up in the air at the moment, in the (very) early days of the new Twitter-esque app, but to help you with the latest lingo, the Threads team has shared a ‘Threads Dictionary’ to keep you up to speed.

Threads Dictionary

So, to clarify:

  • Each discussion is called a thread – so you post a thread in the app
  • A post is an individual element within a thread (though some people are also referring to this as ‘threading’ or ‘stitching’)
  • A shared thread is called a repost – not a ‘re-thread’ or some other variation
  • Sharing someone else’s post is a quote thread

It’s all pretty straightforward, there’s no new language to learn, as such. But there is going to be some discussion around what the actual act of threading should be – with even that adverb being a misinterpretation, based on this ‘dictionary’.

And if Threads becomes a thing (it’s already up to 48 million profiles), maybe that terminology evolves again, and we will end up seeing different appropriations of the title, morphing it into technically incorrect forms.

But right now, Meta’s looking to keep things clean, and in line with what makes the most sense.

Which, when you’re trying to win over more users, is probably the best approach.

You can stay up to date with the latest Threads lingo via the Threads Instagram profile, or by following the Threads account in the app.