Are you using generative AI tools in your day-to-day process?

The hype function of the moment, generative AI can create complex visual and text outputs, based on simple prompts – but those outputs are often distorted, frayed at the edges, or just downright incorrect, which can make it risky to rely on such, especially in a professional context.  

But they can be very helpful, in a range of ways. And according to our latest LinkedIn poll, a lot of people are already making use of them in their work life.

LinkedIn poll - generative AI tools

As you can see, based on almost 1,300 responses on LinkedIn, 67% of people indicated that they are indeed now using generative AI tools in their day-to-day work.

The data here isn’t specific, in that we didn’t ask what types of things people are using generative AI for. But it is interesting to consider the results in the context of the Social Media Today audience in the app, which is primarily marketing and communications leaders based in the US.

That suggests that the business world is moving quickly to integrate these new tools, and build them into their processes – which underlines the need for marketers to, at the least, have a solid understanding of what you can use these tools for, and how they provide benefit for an organization.

Personally, I’m not as bullish on generative AI tools as some others. In my experience, they’re handy supplementary tools, which can provide you with additional angles and elements to consider, but they’re not wholesale replacements for real people, or expertise as such. You still need to know whether the outputs are correct, and/or how to refine them. Basically, you can’t rely on what these tools give you in itself, which is why you need the additional knowledge and skill base to make best use of them.

But they can be handy, and they can help you maximize your processes, if you take the time to understand their limits, and where they fit.

And based on these numbers, a lot of people are doing exactly that.

If you’re looking to learn more about generative AI tools, LinkedIn already has a range of LinkedIn Learning courses on the subject.