• Sheryl Crow is all toned legs in her most recent Instagram post from a performance at Bonnaroo Music Festival.
  • The 61-year-old singer is a big fan of fitting in a quick workout early in the morning.
  • Sheryl also likes to meditate, and has a smoothie in the mornings to power up for the day ahead.

At 61, Sheryl Crow is still showing up and rocking out on stage. The “Soak Up The Sun” singer recently took the stage at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, wearing a pair of short, black, floral, jacquard alice + olivia shorts that she paired with heeled wedges and a Debby Harry graphic tank. Sheryl shared a few pics of her performance on Instagram, and it was hard to miss how incredibly strong and toned her legs were in the pics. Phew!

“✨@bonnaroo✨,” she captioned the pics. Of course, the shots caught some major attention from her followers, who made sure to cheer her on in the comments section. “Damn, Sheryl!!! Them legs, gurl!!! Wurk!!! 🤩🔥”, one fan commented. Another wrote, “Legs for days,” and another fan noted, “Goals. Whew!”

If you’re wondering how Sheryl works on those mega-toned legs, you’re certainly not alone. Luckily, Women’s Health has some deets for you. The first thing to know about Sheryl’s health and wellness habits is that exercise has always been a big part of Sheryl’s physical (and mental) health routine. She previously told InStyle that “exercise is really important to me,” adding that, “whether it’s going for a jog or getting on my rowing machine, it’s a great way of burning through some of that unnecessary anxiety.”

For her mental health, Sheryl makes time for meditation. The “If It Makes You Happy” singer told InStyle that “meditating has encouraged me to let go and not be so critical of myself.”

When it comes to squeezing in a workout, one of her favorites is rowing. “For exercise, I either jog or I row on the rowing machine. I like to be outside and I like to play sports,” she told New Beauty. “My boys are into sports, so we’re always going and doing and doing and going; I think that definitely helps keep me fit as well.”

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Of course, she’s a super busy woman, so Sheryl likes to fit in her quick sweat sesh as soon as she wakes up. “I knock out 20-45 minutes first thing in the morning,” she told Parade. “I enjoy burning through some of the mental steam that builds up, and I think exercise is really good for that.”

One sport Sheryl definitely works her legs with is water skiing.

Another good thing to know: Sheryl’s upper body gets an incredible workout thanks to her guitar playing. She told Parade that she credits her toned arms to playing so many live shows. “Especially when you consider you’re holding your arms up for two hours a night and carrying your equipment,” she says. “But it also comes down to my DNA. My parents are pretty fit. We are small, lean people with high metabolism.”

Speaking of her metabolism… Sheryl likes to whip up healthy smoothies to feel her best. “I just went through 30 days of doing shakes in the morning with kale and protein powder and ginger, all kinds of healthy stuff, and it definitely changed my sleep,” she said. “It changed my energy levels and so I’m getting ready to get back to doing that. I love waking up and starting the day with a healthy smoothie.”

Sounds delish, Sheryl!

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