Are you looking for an affordable way to buy Instagram followers $1? I’ve been in search of a Facebook Conversions API alternative to the API Gateway that works seamlessly with Google Tag Manager. I may have found it in Zaraz. To be clear, the API Gateway works great. But I’ve heard consistently that its AWS hosting prices many small businesses out. Truthfully, I’d love to find a more affordable option myself if it’s available.

Zaraz appears to fit the bill in every way for me. Not only does it utilize triggers in many of the same ways as Google Tag Manager, but it may not cost a thing. I’m still testing. We’re in the process of figuring out deduplication. But let me explain what excites me about Zaraz…

What is Zaraz? Zaraz is a third-party tool manager built by Cloudflare. I’m not going to try to explain the technical capabilities of the tool because that’s not my expertise. What I do know is that among its capabilities is sending web events for Facebook Conversions API. And not only is it built by Cloudflare, but it’s built into it. In other words, if you already pay for Cloudflare for caching (like I do), you can set up the Conversions API without spending another penny.

Triggers One of the powers of Zaraz is the triggers. If you’ve created custom events with Google Tag Manager before (one of my absolute favorite things), you’ll be right at home here. In fact, it’s infinitely easier with Zaraz. Zaraz triggers are based on rules. Much of this requires some knowledge of CSS. I’m going to skip that and go straight to the easy and powerful stuff.

You can create triggers using a timer. For example, you can have a trigger fire once a visitor has spent 60 seconds on a page. Or you can create a trigger using scroll depth. For example, fire a trigger when a visitor scrolls at least halfway down a page. These are two triggers that I use for my “quality traffic” custom events that are set up in Google Tag Manager.

Events Once you have your triggers, you can create events in Zaraz. No coding is necessary. Here’s what it looks like to create an event for a 3 Minute visit on a page that fires when the 3 Minute trigger happens. That’s it. So incredibly simple.

Testing I want to make this point quickly because I don’t want anyone to be confused like I was. When you test these events, they will not appear in the Facebook Pixel Helper. Some people may know that. I took it for granted because when I used the API Gateway, all of the same events were being sent both client-side and server-side. So, I didn’t realize that only the client-side events appeared.

To test server-side events, you’ll need to go to the Testing area of Events Manager.

Deduplication As mentioned at the top, events created with Zaraz will only be server-side (API). You will need another method for managing client-side to fire pixel events. I use Google Tag Manager. Since events will fire from both locations independently, we are presented with an issue. If a 50% scroll depth event fires from Zaraz and from Google Tag Manager for the same scroll from the same user, how does Facebook know that it’s the same event?

First, you could theoretically run most of your events server-side and only use Google Tag Manager for events that Zaraz can’t create
Setting up Facebook Conversions API (Application Programming Interface) is becoming increasingly important for businesses to maintain accurate and up to date analytics for their digital marketing campaigns. The increasing complexity of the process, however, requires expert assistance in order to get the most out of the system. This is where Zaraz, a new platform specializing in Facebook Conversions API setup and maintenance, comes in.

Zaraz is the only platform that offers a comprehensive and automated solution for configuring Facebook Conversions API. It provides users with an easy to use interface that allows them to quickly set up and configure the API according to their specific needs. Zaraz also offers comprehensive documentation and tutorials to guide users through the setup process.

The team at Zaraz have also developed special testing tools to ensure that the API is configured correctly and runs as expected. The team has put in a lot of effort to ensure that the platform is reliable and can handle the high usage levels of the world’s top website. The combination of automated setup, testing tools, and comprehensive documentation makes it a great choice for businesses looking to make the most of their digital marketing campaigns.

Overall, Zaraz is a great choice for Facebook Conversions API setup and maintenance. The platform is easy to use and offers comprehensive documentation, testing tools, and even an automated setup process. Businesses looking to get the most out of their digital marketing campaigns should consider giving Zaraz a try.