TikTok has released an updated version of its Ad Library resource, which provides searchable insights into all of the ad campaigns running in the app, with data on ad targeting, regional reach, who paid for it, etc.

The new TikTok Ad Library, which is very similar to Meta’s Ad Library in format, is currently only available for European campaigns, but could be a valuable resource for those looking to research TikTok ad approaches.

TikTok Ads Library

As you can see in this example (with thanks to social media expert Matt Navarra for sharing), you enter in your target nation, along with ad type, date range, etc., and TikTok will give you an overview of all the ads being run in the app within your chosen parameters.

TikTok Ads Library

Tap on any campaign listed and it’ll give you a more in-depth summary of the specifics.

TikTok Ads Library

TikTok has actually had a version of the same available since 2021, within its creative research tools, but this updated format provides some additional targeting detail, likely in line with evolving EU ad policies.

TikTok Ad Library

But you can still explore top ads from all regions via the original TikTok Ads overview, which you can also filter by industry, region, objective, and performance.

So, basically, it’s not totally new, but there is more specific info available on ad performance and who paid for the campaign.

Given that it may be tied to EU regulations, I’m not sure that the same will be made available for all regions, but for EU and international brands, it could be a valuable insights tool for your research.

You can access the new EU TikTok Ads Library here.