In the world of social media platforms, one popular channel has undergone a rebrand and name change. Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought Twitter in 2022, and in 2023 he changed the company’s name to X Corp. and the social media channel’s name to X.

The biggest changes for social media marketers and X users include the platform’s blue bird logo being replaced with an X logo and Musk asking that tweets now be referred to as x’s.

If X is part of your operation’s social media strategy, here are some other recent changes to how users interact with accounts on the platform. 

X Subscriptions

X users have the option to purchase subscriptions to people and businesses they follow on the platform. Subscriptions offer bonus content, exclusive previews, subscriber-only spaces, a Subscriber badge and other perks. If an X account offers a subscription, it will include a “Subscribe” button on their profile. Each X creator sets the monthly price of their subscription by choosing from one of the X pre-set price points. 

X Premium

In order to receive the blue check mark that indicates an account is verified and legit, an X user must have an active subscription to X Premium. Along with being an X Premium account, to receive the blue check mark the account must have a display name, profile photo, confirmed phone number and have no signs of being misleading or deceptive.  

The X Premium subscription also comes with access to special features, including being able to edit a post within one hour of posting, 50% fewer ads in the account’s newsfeed, prioritized rankings in conversations and search, text formatting in posts and the ability to use up to 25,000 characters in a post, rather than the standard 280 characters Twitter, now X, is known for. 

Verified Organizations

Offered to businesses, government entities and nonprofits, the Verified Organizations service provides a gold check mark instead of a blue check mark, which allows users to know the account is an official organization. Verified Organizations also have access to affiliation badges, premium support and impersonation defense. 

Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock