Supporting social marketers 

Despite the plethora of pain points leading many social marketers to contemplate leaving the profession, the fact remains that 77% still enjoy working in social media, per Hootsuite’s survey. That’s over 15% higher than the average rate of 62% reported in The Conference Board’s 2023 Job Satisfaction survey. And the simple reason for so many social marketers enjoying their careers is the ability for them to “create and be creative every single day,” according to Hootsuite. 

“The creativity that this job involves is the thing that really keeps me in it,” said Sophie Vershbow, head of social marketing at Eventbrite, in the report. “I’ll jot down the silliest TikTok idea you’ve ever seen, actually do it, and it’ll end up being our top post of the month. The idea-to-action-to-result pipeline that social media enables is my favorite thing in the world.”

As part of a larger campaign surrounding the launch of its report, Hootsuite is focusing on empowering social marketers with resources such as a salary negotiation guide, salary calculator and portfolio template, among other guides. The in-house campaign also includes out-of-home displays highlighting statistics from the report specific to social roles in sectors such as healthcare, education and the government. 

Hootsuite is also partnering with a handful of social marketers—including freelance social media manager Jon-Stephen Stansel and Bari Rosenstein, social media manager of Auntie Anne’s and Jamba—to act as influencers in the campaign and share some of the statistics and takeaways from the report that stood out most to them.